Speech and Language Services

Speech and language services are available to students with communication difficulties that interfere with academics and school related social skills. Based on specific student needs, small group or individual therapy sessions are provided to remediate articulation/phonological delays, receptive/expressive language development including social language development (pragmatics).

The goal of the Speech and Language Program is to provide students with one-to-one, small group, or class-wide instruction to improve specific skill areas and develop strategies that will improve overall classroom performance across all academic and social areas. Therapists work closely with the teachers to provide our students with support that promotes the necessary underlying speech- language skills required for academic and social growth.

Meet our Speech-Language Therapy Staff

Our doors are always open, you can reach us at 212-289-4872 using the extensions below:

Karen Sullivan – Ext. 514

Elizabeth O’Boyle – Ext. 517

Maureen Reed– Ext. 413

Jaclyn LoPresti – Ext. 513