Founded in 1948, the Reece School is a private, non-profit elementary school in New York City. We serve students ages five through thirteen with Individual Education Program (IEP) classifications of Speech or Language Impairment (SLI); Learning Disability (LD); Other Health Impairment (OHI); and Emotional Disturbance (ED). Students attending Reece are intellectually capable but often face social, emotional and/or academic challenges and benefit from a highly supportive and nurturing learning environment. Reece recognizes that each student has specific strengths and individual needs. We are committed to building on the strengths, as well as meeting the needs, of every learner.

Our Admissions Team at Reece works collaboratively with families, students and referring districts during each step of the admissions process. Applications, which are accepted throughout the year, must include current evaluations and assessments; a copy of the most recent IEP and other relevant documents. The Admissions Team reviews the application and, if we believe Reece may be able to meet the needs of the student, will schedule an interview with the student and family.

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