The Reece School

The Reece School provides a highly academic elementary special education program for children who need more support than can be provided in a traditional public school setting. Reece students are academically capable but may be psychologically fragile or have issues impacting their ability to fully access their education in their current school placement. At Reece, children with speech/language impairments or who have emotional, learning or other disabilities are given high levels of academic, social and emotional support in a nurturing and well-structured environment.

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Bold History that Fuels the Future

Founded in 1948 by Ellen S. Reece and chartered by The State of New York in 1955, The Reece School is one of the oldest non-profit special education schools in New York City. Originally housed in Ms. Reece’s home on East 93 Street, Reece School’s on-going commitment to providing a nurturing and academically engaging environment for its students resulted in the school expanding its student body over the next several decades. Eventually outgrowing its original home, in 2006 Reece School moved into our new location at 25 East 104th Street next to the famous Museum Mile and Central Park.

A Day at Reece