Reece 2020 Year End Letter

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November 2020

Your Year-End Donation Is Needed to Support Our Students.
Your Gift Will Be Matched Dollar-For-Dollar- Up To $50,000!

What a year it has been. With all the ups and downs, we have shown our resilience.
We’ve also shown our commitment to our students.
That’s why I am writing you now, to ask you to commit to our students in your year-end giving.

I know you love Reece just as I do. I know that you have been affected by the pandemic and my heart goes out to you. You are in my thoughts every day, and I thank you for all the support you’ve given me and the faculty and staff. Our teachers are also remarkable. They nurture and challenge our students to grow socially and academically. Our teachers inspire me and give me hope to write you now.

Your new or continued support shows your commitment to our students.
We’re striving for 100% giving.


image of child waving
To encourage you to act now, the Besthoff Foundation has committed to match your donation up to $50,000! Isn’t that terrific? That means that every dollar you give now becomes two dollars. It’s a great opportunity. We are grateful to the Besthoff Foundation and their generosity to us.

We are sending this letter to our entire mailing list comprised of parents, alumni, trustees, volunteers and generous neighbors—all 250 people who care. By giving now you can double the impact of your gift.

An important aspect of Reece is that each student’s tuition is provided by NYC Department of Education (DOE) at a rate set by the State of New York. That means that your gift covers direct programming expenses to complement the government support. It’s a good private-public partnership, one that works in the best interest of the hundreds of students we serve.

When you donate now you will play a key role in giving our children the best school year possible.
This matching gift opportunity will take us dramatically forward—but only if we meet the match!


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We will use your gift to enhance the social, emotional, and academic support our students need to thrive.
Your gift provides technology when needed for remote learning.
Your gift provides a need-based scholarship to summer camp.

Thank you for your past support!

With your past support we recently purchased Smartboards, 36 desk and chair combinations for students (to achieve social distancing), six desks for teachers and teaching assistants, furniture for each classroom’s Reading Corner, and four mobile white boards to prepare for socially distanced education as we return to the building. Thanks to you, our students received unparalleled support as they switched to online learning.

Your Support is Crucial!

The Reece School is also raising funds to hire one additional senior speech therapist to expand this successful education model to 5th and 6th grade students.

We also need your support to ensure that 5th & 6th grade students are effectively prepared for the transition to high school. The Reece School holds many events during the year to integrate parents/guardians into their child’s learning experience so that they may be able to better support them in their schoolwork and life challenges.

With your support we also provide assistance to 7th and 8th grade students and their parents in preparing applications to NYC high schools.

That’s quite a list of impacts that you can make!


image of child making a heart with their hands

We only appeal twice a year, and this is one of those times. Past gift sizes have ranges from $45 to $5,000. With 250 of us on the appeal list, the mathematical average is $200, but we all have different abilities, so giving whatever for you is a significant gift would be appreciated.

Kindly reach into your hearts and donate now and give to Reece before the December 31st deadline for the match.

As noted above, since you’re only one of 250 people to whom we’re appealing, your reply is really important if we’re going to meet the $50,000 match.

When you give, you will be recognized in the Reece School newsletter and receive a personal thank you letter from a student.





We can meet the match when every community neighbor, parent, faculty and staff, and every volunteer responds now. Can we count on you to give as soon as possible?

Please know that whatever you give, each gift is welcomed and celebrated.


image of executive director duncan lester

   Duncan Lester,
   Executive Director


   If you you’d like to learn about our amazing history, this video is a “must-watch”:

   You can give online at: and-giving





Download PDF: Reece 2020 Year End Letter

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