Visit to the Museum of Natural History and the Hall of Scienc

20-04-16 Reece School 0 comment

Ms. Sarah’s class recently rode the subway to the Museum of Natural History. As one student reporter wrote, “We were in the front car and it was really cool to watch out of the front of the train. We saw some amazing dinosaur fossils and even made our own when we got back to school. It was Mike’s first time at the museum!” Ms. Sarah’s class also went on an exciting, educational trip to the Hall of Science in Queens. One student from the classroom shared this experience in writing: “There were so many fun activities! Some of our favorites were seeing how fast we could throw a baseball, arm wrestling against our friends, using our balance to surf and seeing how fast we could move a propeller by biking. Our favorite part of the trip was seeing a 3D movie called ‘The Flight of The Butterfly’. We learned all about the life cycle of a monarch!” (Sarah Manfredi)

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