Upcoming Events for Spring

20-04-16 Reece School 0 comment

We have invited a circus arts instruction program to be in residency at the Reece School from April 10th through April 23rd. This is an exciting, interactive experience! Our children will not be sitting passively and watching a performance: They are the performers! From makeup artists, to costumers, to ringmasters, to star performers, our Reece students will be involved in every aspect of the circus. During the two-week period, not only will students learn new skills, but Circus of the Kids also provides a unique mix of team-work, exercise, character development and fun!

Our Choral Residency for the third and fourth floor students, with a culminating performance at the end of the school year, will be taught again by Terrence Murren. The Drama Residency for the second floor students will also take place this year taught by Athena Colon.

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